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Brax Lubricant is an independent lubricant Brand with a clear vision for the future. We Specialize in bringing our customer-tailored, technology-enhanced lubricants that make the engine better, faster, greener, and cleaner. The finest raw materials, ongoing quality inspections, and compliance with the very highest specifications guarantee unbeatable quality and unique advantage for you.




Products distributed

Continental Oils and Lubricants

Continental Oils and Lubricants products are made up of a broad and deep product range of high-class lubricants. For every application, we have the right and complete range of engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil and industrial oils.

CONTINENTAL OILS is the fastest growing group of engine oil companies in Dubai Middle East whereas our activities are focused on Petroleum Products in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). During the past few years, the worldwide distribution network was expanded to make sure global availability of our products. Our high-class lubricants are filled up in the most modern blending and filling machinery, which has ISO 9001 standards. Thanks to our generous inventory, artificial intelligent storage and loading technology, CONTINENTAL OILS and Lubricants, Engine oil provider UAE, satisfy your individual requirements at any time.